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What can I do to keep my account secure?

Part A 

Here are a few things you can do to keep your account safe:

  • Think before you click. Never click suspicious links, even if they come from a friend or a company you know. This includes links sent on Facebook (ex: in a chat or story) or in emails. If one of your friends clicks a spam link, they could accidentally send you or tag you in spammy posts. You also shouldn't download things (ex: a .exe file) if you aren’t sure what they are. Learn more about recognizing suspicious emails.
  • Watch out for fake Pages and apps/games. Be suspicious of Pages promoting offers that are too good to be true. If in doubt, check to see if a Page is verified. Also be mindful when you install new apps or games. Sometimes scammers use bad apps and games to gain access to your Facebook account.
  • Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know. Sometimes scammers will create fake accounts to friend people. Becoming friends with scammers allows them access to spam your Timeline, tag you in posts and send you malicious messages. Your real friends may also end up being targeted.
  • Pick a unique, strong password. Use combinations of at least 6 letters, numbers and punctuation marks and don't use this password for any of your other accounts. You can also use a password safe like LastPassKeePass or 1Password to set and remember unique passwords for your account. Learn how to change your password.
  • Never give out your login info (ex: email address and password). Sometimes people or pages will promise you something (ex: free poker chips) if you share your login info with them. These types of deals are carried out by cybercriminals and violate the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If you're ever asked to re-enter your password on Facebook (ex: you're making changes to your account settings) check to make sure the address of the page still hasfacebook.com/ in the URL (web address).
  • Log in at www.facebook.com. Sometimes scammers will set up a fake page to look like a Facebook login page, hoping to get you to enter your email address and password. Make sure you check the page's URL before you enter your login info. When in doubt, you can always typefacebook.com into your browser to get back to the real Facebook.
  • Update your browser. The newest versions of internet browsers have built-in security protections. For example, they might be able to warn you if you're about to go to a suspected phishing site. Facebook supports:
  • Run anti-virus software. To protect yourself from viruses and malware, scan your computer. You can learn more and download this software for free:
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    Part B 

    Follow These Steps :
    Step 1 : Verify your Mobile Number
    Open your mobile settings https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=mobile and add/verify your mobile number

    Step 2 : Active Login Notifications

    Step 3 : Active Login Approvals
    Step 4 : Add Three Trusted Contacts
    Trusted contacts are friends you can reach out to if you ever need help getting into your Facebook account (ex: you forget your Facebook password and can’t get into your email account to reset it).
    After you set up trusted contacts, next time you can't get into your account your trusted contacts can access special, one-time security codes from Facebook via a URL. You can then call your friends to get the security codes and use those codes to access your account. Choose 3-5 friends and confirm your choices .
    Step 5 : I recommend you removing all trusted browsers after doing the above steps
    Once you login from strange PC , you will be ask to enter a security code where you receive to your mobile as SMS, after that facebook will ask you weather to save your browser or not, once you save it facebook will never ask for another security code again. 

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How to Recover deleted text messages From android Smartphone

Devices to Recover Deleted Text Messages

There a few distinctive PC-based devices to help you through this piece of the methodology, and obviously, likewise for Mac clients. As a rule they are free (or have a free trial) and do the employment just as and also each other. The specific instrument you pick will rely on upon your particular inclination, however they all do essentially the same thing: output your Android’s memory, distinguish and recuperate your “”erased”” messages. They’ll all walk you through the procedure, which is normally just four steps in length: associate, output, review, recoup. The methodology works for other information other than quick messages too. A few projects worth going for include:

How to Recover deleted text messages From android

Depending which program you pick, the steps may be diverse, yet all you basically need to do is (I’ll utilize Wondershare for delineation purposes):
  • Download and introduce one of the projects above. Dispatch the project on your machine.
  • Associate your Android to your machine (with the recuperation system introduced and project running) with a USB link.
How to Recover deleted text messages From android
  • Empower USB Debugging on your Android. To do this, you have to have entry to the Developer Options in your primary Settings menu. In the event that you don’t, simply go to About Phone, span down to Build Number and begin tapping over and again. You’ll now get access to Developer Options in the principle Settings menu (simply above About Phone). Go into Developer Options, span down to USB Debugging (or Android Debugging, contingent upon your ROM) and check the crate.
How to Recover deleted text messages From android
  • Take after the prompts in the recuperation system to output or investigate your Android’s memory.
How to Recover deleted text messages From android
  • When the methodology is finished you will have admittance to scan and sneak peak the information put away on your Android gadget (whether it has been “”erased”” or not. As long as the specific piece of memory on which is was initially put away has not been spared over, you can in any case recover the information. This is the reason its vital to act rapidly in the event that you’ve lost information.
How to Recover deleted text messages From android
  • Essentially find your quick message envelope (or however the specific system shows your information), select the messages you wish to recuperate and either utilize the Recover activity within the project to return them on your gadget or spare them to your workstation for safe keeping.
Note: on the off chance that you need to finish this methodology without a PC, chances are you will need root get to on your gadget and more than likely a paid recuperation application. Regardless, its simpler and allowed to utilize a workstation.

Presentation to Happen Again

In case you’re not into paying for any of the projects above long haul or basically dislike the free alternatives, your best wager is to guarantee you don’t have a requirement for them once more. This implies going down your messages from now on. It’s so straightforward it just takes five minutes to spare yourself the torment of needing to manage this circumstance once more. I utilize a free application called SMS Backup & Restore. It’s clear, looks decent and works splendidly: essentially everything you need for this kind of operation. Look at the screenshots beneath for the walk through.
Recover deleted text messages From android SmartphoneRecover deleted text messages From android Smartphone1Recover deleted text messages From android Smartphone2Recover deleted text messages From android SmartphoneI hope that you understand well,If you face any Problem please comment below to tell us.Our team will help you.If you know better ways to Recover deleted text messages From android Smartphone Then Please comment below and Spread your word in The Web.

Facebook Auto Group Adder Script and How To Use By Prince Hussain

How To Add Friends in A Facebook Group On Once Click :)
Copy This Code


And Peast In Google Chorom Concel box And Hit Enter :)
For More Info Watch Video Tutorial

Pakistani Chat Room

Try Relay: the free SMS and picture text app for iPhone.

Ptcl device settings for wifi password in Urdu & Hindi Tutorial


“Free Opener” Open Every Format in one Software in Urdu Video Tutorial

Free Opener description

 مختلف فائل کی اقسام کو کھولنے کے لئے ڈیزائن کیا ایک ہاتھ کی افادیت ہے. کھولیں مائیکروسافٹ آفس دستاویزات، ایڈوب پی ڈی ایف فائلوں، اور بہت سے دوسرے کی تصویر، فلم، مفت کے لئے موسیقی فائل کی اقسام.

آپ کے سافٹ ویئر ڈاؤن لوڈ، اتارنا ایک بار ڈاؤن لوڈ، اتارنا اوپنر کے ساتھ،، آپ اب کوئی دوبارہ فائلوں کو کھولنے کے بارے
میں فکر کرنے کی ضرورت. سمیت ونڈوز پر 75 + فائل کی اقسام کو کھولتا ہے

Lock Your HDD Partition Without any Software Urdu & Hindi Tutorial






Mobilink Hacking

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Apni Wife/Husband/Mashoqa  k Phone Data Yani Call History, Sms History Hasil KArne K leye Ap Hamari Khidmaat hasil Karsktay HE Jis k Buhat He Munasib Charges Hen .. Or Kam Mukammal Warranty  k Sat Kia Jata He..


Ap Hamare Sat Nechay Deye GAye Address Par Rabta KArskty Hen 

Facebook : Hussain

Twitter : @MH1NEWS

Plus GooGle : Hussain

Mobile +92-3139117539

Auto Post Happy Birthday Wishes On FB Friends Wall

Now a days Facebook is the best way to remember friends or family members birthday. But due to some reasons we are not able to check out Facebook profile or forget to check birthday notification in Facebook profile. All peoples use Facebook for their daily fun and entertainment. Now today i am going to share you an trick by which you can automatically post happy birthday wishes on your Facebook friends timeline easily.
happy birthday wishes
This trick is so easy just a baby can do it, but hope the baby is intelligent lol i am just kidding. So now let begins the trick. Follow below guide and make sure you are doing it correctly or not.

How To Automatically Post Happy Birthday Wishes On Facebook Friends Timeline

Step 1: Just open your browser and just go to BirthdayFb.com
Step 2: Now click “Connect Button” and do Facebook connection process.
Step 3: Than a new Facebook window will open for app permission. Click “Okay” to allow app permission.
Step 4: Now wait few seconds and then go to birthdayfb.com and navigate to “Write Message” section.
You can write different happy birthday wishes to different friends and schedule it.
That’s it ! Save the message and lets wait till you friends birthday. He/She will automatically receive Happy Birthday Wishes on its timeline. Now friends share this trick with your friends and don’t forget to share our site/blog with your friends. You can use our below sharing is caring tool to share this post directly to your social networks.

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Latest Amazing Android Phone's Codes - MHWorlD

Hello MHWorlD Sweet Friends And Guests.
Here are some of the tricks on your Android Operating System/ android OS cellphone.    

Please note: Some codes mentioned here can be dangerous

General :
*#*#4636#*#* - Phone / Battery / USage information
*#*#7780#*#* - factory data reset
*2767*3855# - factory format
*#*#34971539#*#* - information about phone camera
*#*#7594#*#* - End Call / Power
*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* - File copy / backup
*#*#197328640#*#* - Service mode.

WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth Test Codes: 
*#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#* OR *#*#528#*#* - WLAN test (Use "Menu" button to start various tests)
*#*#232338#*#* - Shows WiFi MAC address
*#*#1472365#*#* - GPS test
*#*#1575#*#* - Another GPS test
*#*#232331#*#* - Bluetooth test
*#*#232337#*# - Shows Bluetooth device address
*#*#8255#*#* - This code can be used to launch GTalk Service Monitor.

*#*#4986*2650468#*#* - PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate
*#*#1234#*#* - PDA and Phone
*#*#1111#*#* - FTA SW Version
*#*#2222#*#* - FTA HW Version
*#*#44336#*#* - PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Changelist number

*#*#0283#*#* - Packet Loopback
*#*#0*#*#* - LCD test
*#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#* - Melody test
*#*#0842#*#* - Device test (Vibration test and BackLight test)
*#*#2663#*#* - Touch screen version
*#*#2664#*#* - Touch screen test
*#*#0588#*#* - Proximity sensor test
*#*#3264#*#* - RAM version

How To Lock Whatsapp On Android - MHWorld

How To Lock Whatsapp On Android

Hello MHWorld Friends And Guests. 
As we all know Whatsapp is a popular messaging service that is already well secured. But the fact is that anybody can have your phone and read all of your chats So, what to do then?
Simple, just follow the given steps:
  • Download Lock For "Whatsapp" from play store. 
  • Install it. 
  • Now, whenever message comes on phone, you first need to unlock Whatsapp by drawing pattern

How To Send PDF, ZIP, APK Files With WhatsApp - MHWorlD

Hello MHWorlDFriends And Guests.
WhatsApp doesn’t support to send other files than audio and video formats. Sometimes you may have to send some Apk files, ZIP, PDF or files of any other format. By using this cool trick you can send files of any type. Download Whats Packed 2 ads, from this App you can send a PDF, ZIP or any other files to your whatsApp contacts. The person who is receiving the file also have to install this App.  

 How To Send PDF, ZIP, APK Files With WhatsApp - PAKL33T

WHATS PACKED is a free and easy way to share any type , size or number of files over WhatsApp directly. 
WhatsApp messenger is a great and extremely popular social platform but lacks the ability to share anything other than audio, video or photograph. Still it trans codes what you send that may degrade quality But with Whats Packed you can share any no of files of any type over WhatsApp 

Here's how it works:  

  • All you need to do is choose your file and the whats app contact. 
  • You can choose file using WhatsApp->audio , app's main screen or from any file browser or app that has option to share file 
  • The application then packs the file into an audio file and sends it off to the person you chose. 
  • The receiver gets the audio file and WhatsPacked automatically detects it and generates a notification. 
  • The receiver clicks the notification and is led to the received file. On the other hand you can see the received files anytime from the main screen. 
  • That's it ! No special skills is required 
  • This free version has exactly same features as paid version , Nothing less nothing more, but is supported by ads. 
  • Both receiver and sender must have this version of Whats Packed installed 
  • As the WhatsApp messenger allows for maximum 16 MB per item if your selected file exceeds 16MB it will be automatically broken into parts of 16MB while sending and then automatically re-assemble on receiving.So in this case all parts must be received to re-assemble the file 
  • Also WhatsApp allows only sharing of 10 items at a time so if after partitioning the no of parts exceeds 10 it will automatically send it in sets of 10 parts with your permission 
  • This application will not work with What Packed v1.9 or less 
  • The application will never work without WhatsApp