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This Lecture About Keyboard All Short Keys Use Without Mouse

This Lecture About Keyboard All Short Keys Use Without Mouse

Document action:
1>Open a file Ctrl+O 
2>New file Ctrl+N
3>close a file Ctrl+w
4>save as F12
5>save Ctrl+s or shift+f12
6>print preview Ctrl+f2
7>print Ctrl+p
8>show/hide paragraph symbols Ctrl+*
9>spelling&grammar F7
10>help F1
11>find Ctrl+f
12>replace Ctrl+h
13> Goto Ctrl+g 

Text style short keys:
1>Font face Ctrl+Shift+F
2>Font size Ctrl+shift+P
3>bold Ctrl+B
4>italics Ctrl+I
5>underline Ctrl+U
7>double underline Ctrl+shift+D
8>word underline Ctrl+shift+W
9>all caps Ctrl+shift+A
10>change case Shift+F3
11>subscript Ctrl+= 
12> Superscript Ctrl+shift+=
13>make wab hyperlink Ctrl+K

Cursor movement keys:
1>select all-entire document Ctrl+A
2>select from cursor to beginning of line Press: Shift+End
4> Goto beginning of line Press: HOME
5>goto end of line Press: End
6>goto beginning of document Ctrl+H
7>goto end of document Ctrl+End 

Tables short keys:
1> Goto next cell Press:TAB
2>goto previous cell Shift+tab
3>goto beginning of column Press:alt+ Pages Up
4>Highlight to begining of column Alt+SHIFT+ Page-up
5> Goto to end of column ALT+ Page Down
6>Highlight to end of column ALT+SHIFT+ Page-down
7>goto begining of row ALT+Home
8>Highlight to beginning of row ALT+SHIFT+Home
9> Goto end of row ALT+End
10>Highlight to end of row ALT+SHIFT+End
11>column break CTRL+SHIFT+Enter

Miscellaneous short keys:
1>copyright sypbol-@ ALT+CTRL+C
2>data field ALT+SHIFT+D
3> Goto footnotes ALT+CTRL+F
4>show/Hide œ CTRL+SHIFT+8
5>thesaurus SHIFT+F7

Shortcuts Keys Of Microsoft Word 2003-2006.
1) Application Window Maximize ALT+F1O
2) Application Window Previous ALT+Shift+F6
3)Application Window Restore ALT+F5
4) Auto-format CTRL+ALT+K
5) Auto-text Create ALT+F3
6) Auto-text Insert Entry F3 CTRL+ALT+V
7) Bold Ctrl + B 8) Bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + F5
9) Break Column Ctrl + Shift + Enter
1O) Break Page Ctrl + Enter
11) Browse A Document Ctrl + Alt + Home
12) Browse Next/Previous Item Ctrl+ Page-down/Page Up