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Crack Facebook Accounts with VIP FB Cracker

Hello Readers, I know you all are tired of asking everyone "How to hack fb account". Many of you guyz use Phishing for that but now Today Im going to share a wonderful tool for you which does not hack Facebook Account but Crack Facebook account :P lol ..Its a Fb Account Bruteforcer And also a private tool worth $20. I got many Messages from people asking me on Facebook to share this tool. So here it is Guyz..Enjoy it for Free..

NOTE:- Your Antivirus will show this a Virus Its not a virus Its a Cracking Tool that's why you Disable your Antivirus then use 

Rar Password:- MHWORLD

  • Its a Simple Fb account Bruteforcer(Cracker) uses 1 socket
  • No requires Proxies
  • Auto Save Cracked Accounts 

How to Use :-

1). Download the VIP FB Cracker From here. And Extract it..

2). It contains the following things :-

3). Open Vip FB Cracker..

  • Load the Email list to Crack
  • Then password list
  • And finally click on Start

NOTE:- If you are getting any .OCX error Start Error_FixeR.exe which is in the .rar file Then open the Software ..

4). If you cracked a fb account you will get it Under FB Accounts Cracked:


Get list of Facebook Hacked saved accounts by Phishing

Hello fans,  And in this article I will tech you how to get hacked facebook accounts by Phishing.

Follow the Steps :------

STEP 1. GO to google.com

STEP 2. Now copy any dork and paste it in google search.

DORK 1. ==>>  
intext:charset_test= email= default_persistent=

DORK 2. ==>>  
 inurl:"passes" OR inurl:"passwords" OR inurl:"credentials" -search -download -techsupt -git -games -gz -bypass -exe filetype:txt @yahoo.com OR @gmail OR @hotmail OR @rediff

STEP 3. Open any site you will find list of hacked accounts........

Age Calculater By Hussain Hacker

Age Calculator By Prince Hussain Age Calculator By Prince Hussain ::Pakistan Zindabad::
Age Calculater


You have been living for
In Months:
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In Minutes:
Your Next Birthday:

|| Copyright 2013 || Age Calculator By Prince Hussain B0MB3R By Hussain Hackers || Age Calculator By Prince Hussain || Designed By Age Calculator By Prince Hussain ||

Made By "Age Calculator By Prince Hussain" Age Calculator By Prince Hussain

|| Copyright 2013 || Age Calculator By Prince Hussain B0MB3R By Hussain Hackers || Age Calculator By Prince Hussain || Designed By Age Calculator By Prince Hussain ||

========================================= ========================================= ...
web counter
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see screen shoot on Android Phone (Without App)

dosto Android New operating system he
Is ma bht se aise features hen jo mobile world me first time mutaarif kraye gaye the
Inhi me se aik feature android ScreenShot capturing he
yani ap apny android phone se kisi bhi waqt(in game,movie,home screen etc) screen capture ker skty hen
lakin aksr users ko ye ni pta k kesy capture kren
to mene ye thread unhi ke lye bnayi he
is thread me apko tmam famous android phone ka screen capture ka method mle ga
agr kisi bhai ka phone mention ni he to wo post ker de me method bta don gi


1:HTC Desire S

>>press the power button.While the power button is pressed, click the Home button (furthest left touch button)

2:HTC One X, S, & V

Iskey 2 methods hen
a). By holding down the power button and the home button
b).press the power button and the volume down button.

3:HTC Desire HD 

power-button+home soft-key

4:HTC Wildfire S

press the power button.While the power button is pressed, click the Home button

5:Htc sensation

lock button (button on top) for a second or two then push the home button

6:HTC ChaCha

hold the red button and quickly press the home button.

Clean Master

Clean Master

After long time research, world’s first android cleaning method was released, exclusive in Clean Master v2.1
What is Clean Master?
Clean Master is a Must Have cleaner app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, residual files, app packages and erase history on android phones. It also kills running tasks and releases RAM to boost your phone and save battery life.
Why choose Clean Master?
Clean Master is easy and effective. After a comprehensive cleaning, MBs even GBs space will be released for your phone. No superuser permission required.
What can Clean Master do?
[History Eraser] ***New algorithm released to detect and clean popular apps cache. ***
Are you chatting with whatsapp?
Are you listening to music with spotify?
Are you aware of that your android device might have hundreds of cache images, audio and videos generated by these apps?
Now with the new innovative cleaning method exclusive in Clean Master v2.1, you can get rid of the files generated by those popular apps easily and automatically.
Currently supported apps:
On Android devices, history include privacy history and application cache files. Privacy History are the history of web browser, Google Play store, Gmail and clipboard etc. If you don’t want others to know what you were doing, and searching around, Clean Master has got history eraser function to help protect your privacy. Application Cache Files are the temporary files created by applications. For example, while you’re using browser, it saves the images as cache files. It’s the same for other application and all you need is a rated cache cleaner. Using Clean Master to clear cache files regularly will save phone space and speed up application performance.
[Residual Files] After installing an app from market, it’s sometimes required to download extra data. However, when you uninstall that app, the data is still there, which makes your available space smaller and smaller. For example, almost all the games from Gameloft require a huge extra data, from 200M to 1GB. But the data would be there even the game is uninstalled. Clean Master will save GBs for your phone, after cleaning these residual files.
[Task Killer] The tasks running on background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life. The Task Killer of Clean Master can kill the unwanted tasks and release more RAM to speed up your android device. An excellent shortcut (1Tap Booster) is also provided to make the work cannot be easier. Root permission is not necessary, but if Task Killer granted root permission, it will perform better.
[Temp APKs] App Packages are the .apk files used to install apps. When you download and install apps from markets, updating them on phone, the apk files are becoming more and more, eating the huge space of your phone. However, you should no longer worry about this issue, because Clean Master can find all the temp apk files on your phone, and clean them for you by an easy tap.
PS: The important system tasks have been whitelisted already, if you notice any problems while using Task Killer,
Key Features:
History Eraser
Clean cache Files
Clean unused files
Manage and clean app packages
Remind unused files when app installed
Kill running tasks/release RAM