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Saturday, 21 June 2014

How To Send PDF, ZIP, APK Files With WhatsApp - MHWorlD

Hello MHWorlDFriends And Guests.
WhatsApp doesn’t support to send other files than audio and video formats. Sometimes you may have to send some Apk files, ZIP, PDF or files of any other format. By using this cool trick you can send files of any type. Download Whats Packed 2 ads, from this App you can send a PDF, ZIP or any other files to your whatsApp contacts. The person who is receiving the file also have to install this App.  

 How To Send PDF, ZIP, APK Files With WhatsApp - PAKL33T

WHATS PACKED is a free and easy way to share any type , size or number of files over WhatsApp directly. 
WhatsApp messenger is a great and extremely popular social platform but lacks the ability to share anything other than audio, video or photograph. Still it trans codes what you send that may degrade quality But with Whats Packed you can share any no of files of any type over WhatsApp 

Here's how it works:  

  • All you need to do is choose your file and the whats app contact. 
  • You can choose file using WhatsApp->audio , app's main screen or from any file browser or app that has option to share file 
  • The application then packs the file into an audio file and sends it off to the person you chose. 
  • The receiver gets the audio file and WhatsPacked automatically detects it and generates a notification. 
  • The receiver clicks the notification and is led to the received file. On the other hand you can see the received files anytime from the main screen. 
  • That's it ! No special skills is required 
  • This free version has exactly same features as paid version , Nothing less nothing more, but is supported by ads. 
  • Both receiver and sender must have this version of Whats Packed installed 
  • As the WhatsApp messenger allows for maximum 16 MB per item if your selected file exceeds 16MB it will be automatically broken into parts of 16MB while sending and then automatically re-assemble on receiving.So in this case all parts must be received to re-assemble the file 
  • Also WhatsApp allows only sharing of 10 items at a time so if after partitioning the no of parts exceeds 10 it will automatically send it in sets of 10 parts with your permission 
  • This application will not work with What Packed v1.9 or less 
  • The application will never work without WhatsApp